Arun International Power Stations up to 100MW
Arun International (Power) Ltd is structured to provide real power solutions that satisfy customer needs by providing the best value package available, operating on distillate, heavy fuel oil or crude oil.

The company is structured to provide total systems solutions through standardisation and modularisation. A range of industrial base load designed generation equipment powered by the worlds leading prime movers is used to ensure the total integrity of the plant. Modern project management services are employed to ensure the that customer expectations are met.

Some of the benefits that Arun gives you
Low capital expenditure
High availability
o Simple maintenance
o Modern systems management
o Modular design for reduced installation costs
o Standardised products based upon extensive
  market research with power providers
o Simple maintenance
o Operating and maintenance packages
o Increased periods between services
o Reduced maintenance downtimes
  remote monitoring
High reliability
Low operating costs
o High quality component selection
o In house power generation experience
  and expertise
o Advance design technology reducing wear of
  critical components
o High station efficiency
o On going development to match customer
o Fewer components
o Low maintenance costs
o Flexibility of fuels
o Low fuel consumptions
o Reduced maintenance downtimes
o Efficient station designs
o Remote condition monitoring capability
Environmentally friendly
o Extensive applications experience
o Advance equipment designs
o User friendly design consideration
o Controlled operating philosophy
o Tried and proven maintenance regimes
o Advanced fuel technology for exhaust
  gas emission control
o Waste management of fuels & oils  
o Modular plant designs for control of
  leakage and drainage
o Sludge treatment systems
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Arun International (Power) Ltd.
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Arun International
For reliable power
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